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Kids who read more, achieve more. It’s a fact.

Ecce wants to get kids hooked on stories again. Kids who read have a better overall concentration and become more successful in their future career, whatever that may be. They also earn 16% more as adults, compared to those who didn’t read regularly as a child. Unfortunately, kids read less than ever before.

Fact #1

Children who were told stories to when they were babies, do better in overall language skills.

Fact #2

Successful people credit ‘reading a lot’ as one of the factors for their knowledge.

Fact #3

Skillful readers find a job more quickly, have more responsibilities and earn more.

Technology is the solution, not the problem.

The appeal of books is on the decline while tech keeps drawing children in, capturing their attention in unseen ways. Why fight it? Ecce embraces it. We see tech as an opportunity to get kids reading ànd devouring stories again.
Our rich stories are all rooted in the same captivating and fictional base story revolving around one main character that children will form a bond with. This main character ‘Pip’ is a constant, however throughout the different media, throughout the years and different age groups, we find out more and more about this mysterious character and some other characters around her. 

This saga is split up, targeted at kids and teens. The kids’ stories are about an inventive little ghost called Pip, the teen story is darker and takes us to World War II. The saga will keep kids occupied for hours, days and years, guessing what will happen next.  Harry P., move over for Hallo Pip and Untethered!

Our products

Children’s books

Our first children’s book brings you to the house of Pip. We focused on a rich language and integrated search games throughout the book so children’s fantasy will be fully stimulated.
Our books are published in Belgium by Uitgeverij De Eenhoorn.
Meet Pip

The Hallo Pip Storytelling Machine

The Hallo Pip Storytelling machine is a fully interactive experience for your children, exposing them to rich language to boost their literacy. You can personalise and tailor the way Pip talks to a child. Pip can tell stories, play music, crack jokes or just talk with you. And she knows your birthday!
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BYOD Cardboard Storytelling machine

Use your own tablet to turn the Cardboard Storytelling Machine into a fully interactive experience.
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Future products

And there’s more to come! The world of Ecce is constantly growing, as we keep working on new products and stories to expand the story of Pip and U.T.
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Our fans
What do people say about our products?

"To immerse myself in stories is a moment of pure happiness to me, which I want to share with my kids by creating a fantasy world for them, together with Ecce."
Lynn Van Royen - Mum of two
"I just love to spend time reading and playing time with my grandchildren."
John - Grandfather
"I didn’t know stories could be this fun. This really is something different!"
Kyan - Child
"I want him to be crazy about stories before he can even read."
Peter - Father
"Our daughter hated reading. Now she loves it. Thank you, Ecce!"
Charlotte - Mother
"In my class, I notice that students who read more do better on all subjects."
Mia - Teacher

Our fans
What do we stand for?

ECCE.FI > Latin: Behold – Believe

The characters in our stories and the worlds we create are ghosts. You have to believe in them in order to be able to see them. We create illusions. You see them but can you believe them? Creating something is a work of love, done by people who all share a common trait: they are passionate masters of their craft. We strive to make thoughtfully designed products that live on the intersection of art, fantasy and innovation, while remaining educational and fun.

Olivier Van Damme - Laura De Backer

ECCE is fundraising!

ECCE.FI is fundraising to keep innovating!

If you wish to be a part of our story and help us develop more and even better products? Get in touch!
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